Will Trump be held in custody pending trial?
Nov 1

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If he gets a custodial sentence in NY before his other trials start, would that resolve to yes? In other words, is any time in custody before his last trial counts a yes?

@Kolyin that's a good point (one that occurred to me after I created the market). But I think the answer is YES.

Does house arrest count?

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@JoshMC yes.

I think I might be misunderstanding the resolution criteria but this seems like a clear no to me. It would require a judge to deny him bail? Or does it resolve yes if he is granted bail?

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@zzlk so far he has been granted release. But for example if a judge considers Trump has violated the terms of his release (for example, if he commits another crime, e g. Witness intimidation; then Trump might be found in contempt and his released be revoked

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How does this resolve if Trump spends one night in jail?

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@JoshuaWilkes yes if he is in jail pending trial, say if he violates some condition of his release (on any of his cases). If he is in jail after convicted, doesn't count.

If they put Trump in jail do the Secret Service have to go with him?

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@JimAusman as far as I know (that's it, very little) the answer is not clear, but I've heard most likely NO.

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