Will a way to extract money from unresolved closed markets materialize by mid-June?
Jun 16
M$380 bet
This market resolves yes if (for example) https://manifold.markets/OlegStroganov/will-i-donate-10-to-givewell-in-apr-7ebdb347162f remains unresolved by its creator but by some other means spits out the investments placed in it; if Oleg resolves that market this one resolves based on whether there's an evident feature to handle the situation in other cases.

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it wouldn't even be that hard

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This is really important to me! If I haven't personally solved the unresolved market issue by mid June, I would consider it a personal failing. It's a really bad experience and it locks up a ton of liquidity (60,000 mana in https://manifold.markets/DrP/will-donald-trump-by-the-president )