Will someone at a major AI company (OpenAI, Anthropic, etc) end up violating their non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by 2026?
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This should already be resolved with the PaLM 2 parameter count leak, no? There is practically no way it could reach the media without someone violating NDA.

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Brian T. Edwards

I doubt they have NDAs at those companies considering Anthropic was founded by a team inside OpenAI. They obviously did if they had NDAs and the lack of consequences probably means they don’t. They aren’t as popular in tech as they are in sandwich making these days (see Jimmy Johns).

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mako yass (edited)

Uh, should it have to be a notable violation? People tell things to friends, most of the time you wont hear about it, or the things they're disclosing aren't very consequential.

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