Will I enter a relationship in 2024?

I had a break up in February that made me feel like I wouldn't be ready for anything serious during grad school.

It's now March and I'm actively going on dates, identifying as 'solo poly'. Hoping for some casual connections.

This market will resolve yes if, at any point in 2024. Me and another person refer to ourselves as partners, 'in a relationship', or other verbal agreement of commitment that exceeds going on dates/ 'just dating'. This market will partly be based on these fuzzy semantics, and will resolve based on my decision (perhaps weighed against others' arguments either way).

Disclaimer: I will also be trading on the outcome.

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I'm surprised about how good these markets have been for my personal life. I think the odds are accurate.

How's it going?

@benjaminIkuta Not much movement. Feeling ready to date. Met someone and might be kindling a fwb situation, but prob not 'a relationship'. Actively looking?

@Alex how about dating apps?

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I had a really great first date that led to a hookup but they aren't responding to my messages quickly anymore haha. Feeling very open to the world at the moment.