Will I hit a pipe if I drill a hole in any of these positions? (See photo)
resolved Apr 18

I would like to install a shower slider rail in my (rented) bathroom.

For this I need to drill two ~5cm deep holes in a vertical distance of 60cm.

If I drill into any of the letter locations (within a minimal circle around each letter), this option will resolve YES if I hit a pipe (even if I'm lucky enough to notice before drilling into the pipe) and NO if there is no pipe there.

Undrilled options will resolve N/A in 2 months.

I might drill into more than one location, e.g. if the first attempt hits a pipe 😨.

Resolves the same if someone else (e.g. a professional) drills into a letter location.

The bathroom is in a flat of a multistorey building in Germany. There are bathrooms above and below with the same layout (and using the same water circuit).

Installing it at the side wall would be relatively risk free, but much worse for showering, by the way.

I will not bet on this market.

NB: This is to be installed:

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Unfortunately, I don't have enough confidence in any of the positions to be save and I will resolve all of them as N/A, as drilling into a pipe would be such a mess.

Probably a large number or volume of bets on one option below 10% or some expert opinion here or from someone else would have made me try.

I will likely put the rail on the wall to the right.

How about a pipe detector for 50 eur? Then you could resolve all the options.(or are the pipes not made from metal?)

@lukres I might borrow one at some point, but I'm not sure if I would 100% trust it. Will definitely only resolve options that I'll have drilled into.