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Kansas City Chiefs beat Baltimore Ravens
taylor swift at super bowl
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Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Taylor's mom, Andrea, dad Scott, brother Austin and his girlfriend Sydney are going to sit with Travis' mom Donna, dad Ed, brother Jason and sister-in-law Kylie Kelce while watching Travis compete for his third Super Bowl ring.
Taylor's gonna be there of course, and we're told some of her friends are tagging along ... though we don't know if any of her famous entourage will join the two families.

Allegiant Stadium sources tell us the suite costs well over $1 million ... and we're told that Travis is covering all of it because he just wants everyone to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday together.

@shankypanky That's the same tabloid that was going around telling people they would get engaged.

@shankypanky Big fashion don’t

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@NFL Why did this get unranked and unsubsidized?

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this changes some of the masters and diamond leagues' top standings in the last hours

@SirCryptomind Unlisted for now, there is too much negativity in the comments. Not a good look.

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@Bayesian Yeah, obviously to get an advantage over me since we were fighting so closely in Masters

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@NFL Maybe wait until after the (manifold) season ends.....

(I speak as a NO holder that bought waay too low, so unlisting helps me, and feels wrong).

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@SirCryptomind It seems unreasonable to unrank it in general tbh, but the timing is really not cool. Surely this can be fixed in the short term, and revisited tomorrow?

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@Tumbles I agree

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@Tumbles Yeah this is blatant manipulation

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@NFL it's also really only one person making a lot of negative comments on this and other related NFL/Super Bowl markets. maybe just block them to mitigate?

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@shankypanky They can hide the comments.

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@SirCryptomind this as well

@NFL Didn't realize this, I guess that makes sense.

I'm sorry, why is everyone coming at me with such negativity? Cool your jets please and keep the vibes positive. Thank you!

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@NFL tensions are high when leagues are due to close any moment :)

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Is there any good reason for creators to have discretion over league rankings? It should be strictly a moderator thing.

@travis It's certainly convenient that creators can unrank things they know should be unranked to save mod effort (though this probably isn't done much). But if there is a dispute, mods should be able to lock the toggle.

I think the issue here is that I didn't realize unlisting a market also automatically made it unsubsidized. 🤦

why can NFL Network and Andy Reed just banned her from the superbowl

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@DemiKeller Give it up, and embrace Taylor fandom. I did. It feels a lot better than resentment.

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@DemiKeller chill lol

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