Will Borussia Dortmund beat Real Madrid? ⚽|🏆 Champions League Final
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At the conclusion of the final match of the UEFA Champions League, including regular time, and if applicable, extra time and a penalty shoot-out, will Borussia Dortmund beat Real Madrid?

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I’m not liking this, Real Madrid running out of energy here…

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@Predictor and have a look at the statistics

Let’s gooooo! Fired up for an exciting final! 🎶 The Champions! 🎶

i haven’t watched a single football game for over 5 years now 🤡 yet i hold the 2nd largest position in this market haha

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@Soli You and probably 300 other traders. We’re just in it for the Prize Points and to learn some market dynamics. 😆

The Opta supercomputer predicts more Champions League glory for Madrid, who triumphed in normal time on Saturday in 55.6% of 10,000 pre-match simulations.

Dortmund succeeded in just 21.4% of those data-led sims inside 90 minutes, while the draw – sending the final to extra-time – was forecast in 23.0%.

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Глаза боятся! 🍾

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smarkets - 25.6%

DraftKings - 25.4%

1997 😆

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@HansKoch What happened in 1997?

@10thOfficial You will find out again.

@10thOfficial Dortmund beat Juventus in the Champions League final in 1997. Big deal, in 1998, Real Madrid beat Juventus in the Champions League final. Different teams, different era. Doesn't mean anything. It's like saying the Broncos won the Super Bowl in 1998 so they will win it in 2024. You are completely delulu.

@HansKoch What happened in 2024??? 😭

Dortmund +285

Real Madrid -380

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@UniversalFC Let me provide some words of wisdom for you: Leverkusen -125 & Atalanta +330 🤣

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@HansKoch There is quite a bit of information missing in the point you are trying to make. Good luck to you!

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Real Madrid has never lost a modern UCL final, while Dortmund got destroyed by Leipzig 4-1 a few weeks ago. They are 5th in the Bundesliga, fighting against the La Liga champion. They also suffered a 3-0 defeat to Mainz a week ago

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@wabz 💯 Real Madrid hasn't lost a Champions League final in 43 years.

@UniversalFC Leverkusen hadn't lost a sigle match 51 times in a row

@LeonardoKr You're right, and I thought that Leverkusen would win the Europa League, however I did notice a decline in performance in their last match against FC Augsburg which explains why they were playing like this against Atalanta. I do not think that we can compare this to Real Madrid vs Dortmund. Dortmund is even weaker than Leverkusen, while Real Madrid's recent performances were great (aside from their last match which was obviously a test for the goalkeeper and the defense, failed by Lunin and Militao, but also revealed that Arda Guler would be a useful substitute in the UCL final). I think that Real's performance against Betis will serve as a true benchmark for their form before the upcoming final. Many people make the mistake of believing that recent wins by underdogs suddenly mean that every other market is underpriced/overpriced, I do not see any reason for this link. Madrid have proven themselves against the previous champions of Europe, Manchester City, and also against Germany's strongest team in European Football, Bayern Munich (despite finishing third in the bundesliga).

@wabz I'm not tempted to argue that the odds are off, here or elsewhere. Still, the surprise factor is having a run these days

The match against Betis did not go so well, perhaps Dortmund has a chance. I still believe Real Madrid will win.

@wabz It's not even a question of who will win. Real Madrid is good because the officials are on their side, that's it. Dortmund outplays them one hundred percent.

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@HansKoch Just stop, you have no idea what you're talking about.