Did Netanyahu know about the Hamas attack before it commenced?

Will there be conclusive evidence that Netanyahu knew about the Hamas attack before it commenced?

By conclusive evidence I mean testimony from at least 2 people or a government memo which demonstrate that Netanyahu knew about a large (100+ person) attack from Gaza before 12:00 AM on October 7, the day the attack began. Netanyahu should have known that the attack was planned to occur in September or October of 2023.

If there is no such evidence that emerges, resolves NO on January 1, 2025.

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@xyz Do you mean he knew about the specific attack, including the timing, or about the fact that Hamas had a plan to this kind of attack?

@Shump That he knew that Hamas was planning a large 100+ person attack where a concrete and likely plan existed, by which I mean that he knew that it was more than just a proposal or contingency plan.

@xyz It seems like the plan goes all the way back to 2014. In 2014 Netanyahu was taking it very seriously.


"כהן סבר שאם חמאס ינסה להוציא אותה לפועל זה יביא בהכרח למלחמה, ונתניהו עצמו לקח את המידע ברצינות". אדם אחר, שמילא אז תפקיד ביטחוני בכיר, אמר כי נתניהו "היה היחיד בדרג המדיני שהבין לעומק את משמעות האיום".

@Shump Did they plan to do that attack in September/October of 2023?

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@xyz They planned to do it some time around 2014 apparently. I imagine the plan got delayed after Tzuk Eitan weakened them. I don't think we know that Netanyahu knew that it would happen at the time that it happened if that's what you're asking.

@Shump I don't think we can consider that the same plan since it is on such a different timeline.

@xyz I should probably specify what the timeline would be for a "similar" plan. I'll say a plan set to be executed in September or October of 2023, where Netanyahu's knowledge of the particular plan was that it would commence in September or October of 2023.

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Egypt intelligence says Israel ignored repeated warnings of "something big coming from Gaza"


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