Will the Texas suffer major power cuts this winter?
resolved Mar 21

Remember all those power cuts when those bitter winters kicked in? It's what can happen when you won't rely on the rest of the country for power.

Will this winter there be a / set of simultaneous powercut(s) whereby >50000 hosueholds are without power.

To resolve yes, I expect to see a major national news source report on it (e.g. BBC or some 'trustworthy' American source)

(BTW winter counts as Fri, 22 Dec 2023 – Wed, 20 Mar 2024)

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@wilkess Resolves no

Does the power outage need to be associated with cold weather, or can wildfire be the cause?

Lol @ “the Texas”

1) Is there a minimum time span this has to happen for? Would Dallas losing power for one minute count?

2) Does the reason why they're without power matter? Would this count, if it happened this winter? https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Texas-power-outage-Houston-freeze-ERCOT-16831681.php

predicted YES

@Nick332 1) I think a minimum time of a minute would count. As that article says, it talks about "Outages peaked at 70,000", which doesn't clarify the time-scale. Now it's worth at this point asking does 70k Texans mean -- is that >50k households or is that 70k people which is probably not >50k households. Happy to hear your input if I should change the criteria on that one.

2) Yeah, that's weather related power outage isn't it?

@swilkes 1) I think that's fair.

2) That's fair. I thought I'd clarify given the question's focus on grid interconnection.

@wilkess Utility companies report outages in "customers", which is the same as households (unless you count multi-family domiciles, like entire apartment complexes, as a single household).