Will any country have a referendum on Net Zero by 2025?
Dec 31

I read how there were calls for this in the UK. Made me wonder about elsewhere.

For this to resolve YES, I think the referendum should take place by 2025. This could be in any country, but must be formally approved by the sitting government. Happy to clarify anything else that perhaps I've missed!

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Just to clarify: by 2025 means before or on 31 December 2024?

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@ErwinRossen I would be surprised if the referendum was held on the 31st Dec 2024: a lot of countries that is a holiday! But otherwise yes

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@wilkess I would be equally surprised, but just wanted to have it clear. :-)

Do you count the referendum in Switzerland from a month ago? https://www.loc.gov/item/global-legal-monitor/2023-07-06/switzerland-voters-approve-law-codifying-net-zero-target-by-2050/

Relevant text of the referendum:

>2 Soweit in der Schweiz weiterhin vom Menschen verursachte Treibhausgasemissionen anfallen, muss deren Wirkung auf das Klima spätestens ab 2050 durch sichere Treibhausgassenken dauerhaft ausgeglichen werden.

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@Nick332 No, as it would be from the start of the market

Typo in the headline:


@xolith You can edit the question title.

@Charlie I can edit other people's questions?

@xolith Sorry, I thought this was the creator making a correction.

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