Will a New York sports team win a championship by the end of the 2025 sports season?

This market will resolve YES if one of the following major New York metropolitan area-based teams wins their respective championship by the conclusion of the 2025 NFL season (Latest Feb 9, 2026 – Super Bowl 60)

  • New York Mets – World Series

  • New York Yankees – World Series

  • New York Giants – Super Bowl

  • New York Jets – Super Bowl

  • New York Red Bulls – MLS Cup or Leagues Cup

  • New York City FC – MLS Cup or Leagues Cup

  • New York Nets – NBA Final

  • New York Knicks – NBA Final

  • New York Rangers – Stanley Cup

  • New York Islanders – Stanley Cup

The two New York football teams, although not physically based in the NY Metropolitan area, will be considered New York teams for the purpose of the market.

Other small-market teams, such as the WNBA's NY Liberty, MLR New York Rugby, or NLL Lacrosse will not be counted.

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Fun question, I will say though throwing in the soccer teams is shying me away from approaching this question as I know nothing about MLS (and I assume I'm not the only one). Will come back to later though.

bought Ṁ100 of YES

First market on Manifold, not sure if I did everything right.

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