Will Vegapunk reveal imu's existence to the world?
May 31

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I don't think he will reveal imu I think that's for dragon to do.

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I honestly believe the only people that know (or knew) of Imu’s existence are the Five Elders, Nefeltari Cobra, Wapol, Sabo and some of the Revolutionary Army. I don’t believe anybody outside of them have any knowledge of who Imu is. I believe Vegapunk knows about the Void Century, but I don’t think he knows enough about it to know about Imu. I mean, Cobra’s a descendant of the one of the 20 kingdoms and he didn’t even know. I don’t know, I’d love to be wrong about this.

@dwax I see your point but I still there might be a slight chance that he knows through his studies about the void century. Just my opinion though I know it sounds very farfetched lol 😂

@ElaafA Oh no, I think there’s a slight chance, too! I sure hope he knows about Imu tbh, I don’t want his death to be like “mmmm bad guys did bad things I’m dead now bye!” I want it to be FULL of lore

@dwax same I want to see the world government's and imu's reactions to all of this and the news of luffy defeating saturn which I am around 90% sure will happen (direct or indirectly), at least I really hope it happens lmao 😂😎