What will I win at the RMM next week?
resolved Mar 1
Silver medal
An honorable mention
Bronze medal
Gold medal

What will I(Raz Dvora) win at the Romanian masters of mathematics 2024?
I have already qualified to fly for the Israeli math team in the first four places, meaning I contribute to the Israeli total score.
I didn't qualify for the last IMO but I did fly to the previous RMM and got an Honorable mention by fully solving question five, which only 2 other people solved, but got only two other points on questions 1 and 3.
The question resolves according to what will appear on the official RMM website on Saturday morning, 2nd of March and will close on February 27th, just before the first day of the competition.

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Good luck Raz and the rest of the Israeli team!

I have a few questions. Why didn't Nogah Friedman participate in IMO 2023? She participated in IMO 2022 and RMM 2023.

How does the Israel RMM selection work? For the US I think we generally send the best people that have not yet been to RMM or IMO. China just typically sends a regional team. I think often the Shanghai one.

Gold - top ~10
Silver - top ~25
Bronze - top ~50
Honorable mention - top ~100
from https://manifold.markets/hannah/which-category-will-i-place-in-at-r

I won't be betting on this market.