[CH. 1107+] How did Sanji block Kizaru's laser?
May 1
Vegapunk's Light-Pressure Glove Technology
Germa Modifications
"Power of Love"

In Chapter 1107, Sanji manages to block Kizaru's laser with his leg. What do you think allowed him to do this?

For more on what exactly the "Power of Love" may mean:

Will be resolved by the next chapter's official release or when we get a clear answer by my judgment.

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His curly eyebrow changed direction. Isn't this indication enough that his Germa modifications activated?

@Martina9be69 Yup! I talked about that in the video. Though, it would have to be a new development from his Germa mods, as he didn't have this ability during the previous instances when his eyebrow flipped direction, such as when combatting Queen's lasers on Onigashima. Which is part of the reason why some people may believe the ability to physically interact with a laser comes from something else.

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Gotta bet on haki, advanced armament would be nice...

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I can see it being many of these, but it would be hilarious if the “power of love” was a real thing that’s introduced in One Piece. I could see it argued for Kuma with his defending of Bonney (even though it was Vegapunk’s design). Oda’s got something in the oven and I feel like a child who smells cookies.

@dwax Check out the video in the description if you're interested in all the evidence we have of the "power of love" in the series!