Will the show FX Shōgun (Shogun 2024) be renewed for a 2nd season? (End of 2024)
resolved May 23

Will update the description/Keep up with comments.

I haven't watched the show yet but I know currently they are up to 3 or 4/10 episodes (I think?).

Will Shōgun be renewed for a 2nd season even though the original book's storyline will end in Season 1?

The setting has potential for original material, but the creators do admit that the possibility is so-so.

Interested to see if opinions change as the show goes on, although they will likely still be very faithful to source material.

Until the end of 2024 for renewal

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I think they'll stay true to the source material and end it when the actual book ends so end of S1 will be the end.

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@JaredAsh Does the finale end the same way the book does? having not read the book it looks totally like the kind of ending that would let them continue into further seasons if they wanted to

@Bayesian I'm still not caught up, will let you know once I finish the final episode.

@Bayesian after watching the ending i was lowkey kinda thinking the same. However it is also possible to end it there as well and leave people to speculate the rest

@tsaitama yeah i saw an article that was an interview with the series directors or wtv the other day, and it kinda seemed like it was a possibility given how well the series got received, but it's trickier having to create their own material or whatever. If a series continues, and goes over the other books by James Clavell, and it isn't literally shogun but it's called season 2 of whatever series name they pick for this set of seasons that each cover one of the books (this one was a story set in japan, another one's set in hong kong, another in taiwan i think?, etc.), would that resolve this market YES?

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