Will the Fallout tv show get a second season (before 2027)?


Resolves when the second season premieres, not when it is announced.

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@mattyb nvm. doesn’t resolve until the premiere

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To wit, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Fallout has received a $25 million tax credit offer from the California Film Commission in order to entice the series to relocate production from New York State to California. According to THR, this "practically assure[s] a second season" of the series

Obviously, without an official announcement from Prime Video, we have to give the usual disclaimer to treat this report with a grain of salt. But this is significantly more concrete than the normal everyday rumor: the fact that the California Film Commission has approved Fallout season 2 for tax credits as a categorized "Relocating TV Series" is freely available on the internet

@elf You'd think that California wouldn't need to give away tax credits to get people to shoot stuff there. On the other hand, it's a rare privilege for a US state to be immortalized as a post apocalyptic wasteland in film.