Will Luffy get captured or knocked out by the Gorosei? Chapter 1110+
Jul 28

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I will update the description/read comments.

Essentially, this question is: Will Luffy lose vs the Gorosei?

Yes = Luffy gets captured, ko'd, or gasses out while fighting Gorosei

Getting knocked out includes simply gassing out from Gear 5 time limit, it does not have to be a significant hit from the Gorosei like Kaido vs Luffy round 1 in Kuri.

If he gasses out and gets back up within the same chapter then I won't count it.

Ends when Luffy leaves Egghead or when the Elders leave Egghead.

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Can you clarify when this bet ends? Does it end when Luffy leaves Egghead? When the next arc begins?

@HillaryClinton Ends when Luffy leaves Egghead. Or, alternatively, if the Elders flee Egghead (without knocking out/gassing/capturing Luffy). I'll add it to the description.

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Luffy gassed out in chapter 1112

@AndrewCrosse He got back up though. So does that not count? He's in base form.

@HillaryClinton he did get back up but it doesn't remove the fact that he gassed out. I feel the market should resolve yes. Not sure why the market creator added getting back up In a chapter not counting

@AndrewCrosse The reason I added this clause is because my question is basically asking if Luffy loses the fight on Egghead and is incapacitated/captured for an extended period of time. In my opinion, he did not lose nor was incapacitated. He turns into an old man and is rejuvenated within the same page, not even 2 pages. It hardly feels like a loss, he's still up and fighting in the same page.

This clause "If he gasses out and gets back up within the same chapter then I won't count it." was added a long time ago, before the chapter and its spoilers came out.

In future markets, I will do better to make the clause larger and in bold text so it is more clear. Apologies for the confusion, even though I had this clause up for a while now.

@tsaitama thanks for the clarification man

This could really get into gray area.

Like in Chapter 1112 he gassed out, became an old man, and then got back up. If he became an old man at the end of the chapter and got back up in 1113 it would count?

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when did you add the last part about getting back up doesn't count?

@HillaryClinton just realized he edited it. That sucks. Not sure if I should report this to the mods

@HillaryClinton hopefully he can clear up why he did that

@AndrewCrosse so it wasn't just me that noticed that. Can we check the edit history timestamp? If he edited that after the chapter came out, yea that's a no go.

@HillaryClinton not sure if we can check the edit history I'm not sure how that would work. But I just noticed that he said he would edit the description soni guess he can use that in his defense. Hopefully he doesn't do this again though because it can be confusing.

@HillaryClinton "If he gasses out and gets back up within the same chapter then I won't count it." This line was added a long time ago, definitely before or during the 1 month break. And before spoilers came out.

Apologies for the confusion. Read my other response to Andrew up above. https://manifold.markets/tsaitama/will-luffy-get-captured-or-severely#fzyq0crngna

@AndrewCrosse @HillaryClinton
Again, apologies for the confusions, I tried to explain myself in the replies. Thank you for the feedback and I will do better in future markets.

There's still a chance for this market to resolve yes by the way, it's up to however Oda writes it!! The manga is super unpredictable for sure

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Wasn't sure about this market until I saw that gassing out counted as yes. Seems more than likely that gear 5 will.cook out

I love that the predictions went up after the new chapter! or, the spoilers/raws i should say lol

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I think they end up running away, no way they can win against all 5.

@Joshua I feel like Luffy at the moment doesn't want to run at all, but he might end up being forced to. But he will definitely receive help from Dorry, Broggy, the ancient robot giant, and potentially even 1 more party. It's all up to Oda though! nobody even predicted that ALL FIVE gorosei would show up to Egghead, so it's honestly incredible what the situation is right now!!

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Luffy stamina issues gotta kick in at some point