Will Google Chrome disable Manifest V2 in 2024?
Dec 31

Google is planning to replace Manifest V2 with V3 soon after June 2024.


Among other things, this will break content blockers like uBlock Origin.

Resolves YES if, in any stable desktop Chrome release in 2024, Manifest V2 extensions are disabled by default for 100% of users. The rollout must remain at 100% for at least a week.

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We expect it will take at least a month to observe and stabilize the changes in pre-stable before expanding the rollout to stable channel Chrome, where it will also gradually roll out over time.

Will you resolve yes if Manifest V2 is disabled for 10% of stable users?

@SavioMak Thanks for asking. Let's say it has to go to 100%.

predicts YES

@tfae Clarified that it must stay at 100% for a week.

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