Would you have sex with a robot?
Dec 3

Assume the robot is a full human body sized and at least attempts to simulate lifelike experiences, even if not perfect

See: /strutheo/will-the-average-manifolder-say-the

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Boston Dynamics working on making dreams come true

only if she was friendly

What is the robot's personality like?

They promised me she would simulate lifelike experiences. So I asked her to the bedroom, she said "Not tonight, honey, I've got a neural network ache!" No respect, no respect at all!

Only if it can run Doom

@beepbooper like george costanza except instead of eating a sandwich you're dying in hanger over and over

what is the record for largest manifold poll

@JamesF nice ty

@Soli Well the question isnt whether you will give up sex with humans for sex with robots.

@HarishGanesan yes, i noticed after that i misread the question

some missing votes here 🤔

@shankypanky they got a lil shy

No way am I going to let a robot force me into a relationship by catching me with a baby trap.

why would someone make a public vote on this poll

@SSStokes the truth shall set you free

@SSStokes Cuz it ain't my real name?

@SSStokes Luckily no one knows me here.

@strutheo there is nothing shameful in being attracted to perfection

Since convincing evidence has been presented that robot sex is better than human sex, I have to ask:

How is this "robot" different from an advanced sex doll?

Sex dolls with some motors are basically robots anyways

@Shump I don't think it has to be different? It just has to be considered fuckable by more than half the voters (and those people need to admit it here in front of God and everyone) for the market to resolve in line with predictions.

@Shump Hopefully by looking WAY cooler

@Marnix think you mean hotter over there

@shankypanky yeah, that's what I'm thinking. This isn't really a theoretical question. Sex robots exist.

@Shump it's a theoretical insofar as not everyone has a sex robot at their disposal though.

also, I think as far as this part of the description goes:

at least attempts to simulate lifelike experiences

current penetrable sex robots are much closer than current sex "robots" designed to penetrate

@shankypanky why is everyone here suddenly an advanced scholar of sex dolls/robots lol

@TheAllMemeingEye everyone? suddenly?

@TheAllMemeingEye i have this effect on ppl

@shankypanky haha ok I'll rephrase:
why are several users, maybe or maybe not including you, suddenly displaying suspicious levels of familiarity with the mechanics and quality of sex dolls/robots?

@TheAllMemeingEye well it's not unsolicited and polls can be quite revealing!

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