Will Sweden join NATO before the end of the Ides of March? (March 15)
resolved Mar 7
Hungary approves membership
Mar 5
Sweden joins NATO
Mar 7

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it is done


hungary approved but sweden is NOT in nato yet!!

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@schlongenheim Jk I had to sell


people pretty optimistic sweden will be in nato within 10 days


two week bump

A bit surprised this is so lopsided, still need Orban to sign off and instruments of accession deposited

Paraphrasing this article on Sweden’s government site (https://www.government.se/government-policy/sweden-and-nato/swedens-road-to-nato/):

-President of Hungary still needs to formally sign this approval by Hungarian parliament per this AP article (https://apnews.com/article/hungary-ratify-sweden-nato-membership-efc791c0d2e4da9fdcb247a2d6624cab)

-Once all countries approve the application, NATO’s secretary general will invite Sweden to join

-Sweden’s “instrument of accession” can be deposited with the US government (which is the depository of the Treaty)

**When the instrument of accession is deposited, Sweden becomes a member

@schlongenheim Hungary must deposit their instrument of ratification to the US State department before NATO can invite Sweden. There's no time limit on how much they can stall there.

@LasseRasinen @schlongenheim Do they still want to stall? I would suspect that in agreeing to get Swedish PM visit last Friday they would have made some sort of assurances to the effect that there would be no further unreasonable delays. So it seems likely things will flow smoothly. End of February may seem doubtful but 15th March seems to allow lots of time even if acting president (not Orban who is PM) is against and sits on it for 4.9 days. Finland accession only took about 3 days after their vote.

With 188-6 vote perhaps also sitting on it for 4.9 days would look rather petty and silly.

@ChristopherRandles You underestimate the pettiness of Orban

@schlongenheim He ultimately has de facto power over president

After parliament vote, speaker has 5 days to send to president and president has 5 days to sign then Sweden has to be sure this has happened before requesting membership. Highly unlikely to be 19 days but not really sure how long.

@shankypanky Does NATO still need to ratify for this to resolve?

@schlongenheim yes i believe so? someone can clarify

@schlongenheim no idea @strutheo didn't add any resolution criteria lol

@schlongenheim but I think "join" is sill a few steps away from what I can tell


any day now

The Ides of March is the 15th, not the 14th.

Ides (Idus in Latin) are the 13th of each month, except for March, May, July and October, where they're the 15th.

@BrunoParga whoops fixed ty