Yuzu emulator shuts down after Nintendo lawsuit
New Pal announcement trailer

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New pal expansion trailer dropped

looks like we've stagnated, no news


down to 10%, believers buy up

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@strutheo in response to them "winning" their lawsuit against Yuzu? they got exactly what they wanted, financial remedy and ceased operations of Yuzu

unless I'm drastically misinformed

@Pykess yeah not sure what changed, if anything maybe the lawyers have more time now lol


no word in a few weeks....

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Voting yes purely because I want to see Nintendo embarrass themselves in court

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they should


Recently, Nintendo's president said "We will take appropriate action against those that infringe our intellectual property rights." in a recent earnings call when asked about Palworld.

@RobSheko The actual thing they said is:

In a Q&A session after its latest earnings call , Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa was questioned about the Palworld controversy. Without naming the game in particular, just like the earlier statement, Furukawa said, "We will take appropriate action against those that infringe our intellectual property rights."

So, it's close, but you can't say that Nintendo has confirmed that action has been taken against Palworld.

predicts YES


Seeking a night of love, it is always chasing someone around. At first it only showed interest in other Pals, but in recent years even humans have become the target of its debauchery.

wumpo botan

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Does a DMCA against a mod count?

@JoeRoss nope only against the main company

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look at that confidence , the palworld paladin stands fast to defend

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@jacksonpolack I don't have that much liquid Mana :'(

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@strutheo cremis is eevee though

@Eesl "Milk pours from this Pal like water from an open faucet, regardless of its gender. It's truly a mystery of life, although this mystery may be better left unsolved."

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