Will Iran launch an air, missile, or drone strike on any part of Israel or Palestine before the end of 2024?
resolved Apr 13

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pretty embarrassing failure of us here


breaking news bump

@strutheo what if it's drones, not missiles? or is the goal of this market only for missiles?

@mint do we know what drone it would likely be? if it is like a drone missle/rocket sure

@strutheo A loitering munition drone, the type of drone that flies and drives into targets and explodes. Like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HESA_Shahed_136

@mint i think i'd count it, yes.

I created this market for those wanting to trade on a response executed by a proxy, not Iran

Assume by palestine you meant any disputed territory, correct? Eg, Golan Heights, which the international community views as occupied Syrian territory.

@gpt_news_headlines yes ill count that too

Would some embassy in eg Bahrain count?

@ICRainbow no i wont count embassies as territory

Just to clarify, how would an intercepted missile resolve?

@ChadCotty I would have to think that would not count.

@ChadCotty if information can still be confirmed about it and proves iran launched the missle strike i will count it

Must the missile have been launched from Iran proper? And not from Iranian proxies in Lebanon (Hezbollah)?

@mattyb yes it must be iran or iran state forces stationed in another region (and able to be confirmed!)

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