Will bitcoin be above $66666 at the end of March?
resolved Apr 1

The price of BTC is over $66666 on the day this market was made, will it still be above $66666 at the end of March?

Using price from Google

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Et ma part

The wording on this is somewhat confusing. "still above X" usually means "never going below X". So in this case Bitcoin would technically have to remain above 66,666 for the entirety of march, in order to "still" be above said value. Otherwise it would be above 66,666 "again", not "still".

Since it's already below the target value it no longer is "still" above that value and thus rhis should resolve NO.

However it seems that you meant "will bitcoin be above 66,666 at the end of march" (same question but without the "still" thus not requiring the value to remain above said threshold)

@Victos 'still be above X' makes sense because the market was originally made on a day where it was above that price

@Victos i can remove that if it is confusing

@strutheo Would be good to remove the word "still"

@strutheo what is the resolution criteria?

@RS will go by google

@strutheo So from this link: https://www.google.com/finance/quote/BTC-USD?hl=en&window=5D the price at midnight on the 31st of March? In which timezone?

@RS whatever the market says

@strutheo looks like EST