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Ravenclaw? The group that sits on the sidelines while Gryffindor does all the work?

Freeman is Gryffindor all the way

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@ChrisEdwards Ravenclaw is knowledge seeker, gryffindor is boldness, slytherin is cunning, and hufflepuff is wholesomeness/friendship (imo). Ravenclaw need not imply sitting on the sidelines

@Bayesian 7 books suggest Gryffindor is the one to take action. Ravenclaw can probably stay back and help make plans.

@ChrisEdwards I don't think the books give a particularly unbiased view of what the houses are about, given that most of the main characters are from Gryffindor. imo the popular culture view of what the houses represent is what people will base their opinion on when they vote in the poll, and here's how chatgpt describes its understanding of that popular culture understanding of what distinguishes the different hogwarts houses:

Which is to say, if you're a central example of bravery, you'll be in gryffindor. but if you are bold and wise, that's a non-central example and at that point reasonable people can disagree

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@Bayesian I could also see an argument for Slytherin. Freeman is definitely resourceful

@ChrisEdwards LOL ngl I have no clue who that is but i believe you

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