🧂What will be true about Spice, the new Manifold currency? [ADD RESPONSES]
May 17
people will call it peepees
Can be redeemed for gift cards
Creator fees get paid out in spice
Can be redeemed for physical goods / merch
On a poll, users say it is a good addition
Any user has >25,000 spice (anytime) within a week of its release
Will be exchangeable for on-site perks (e.g. badges, advanced features, access to gated leagues)
Will appear in the sidebar alongside mana
The PR that enabled spice will be titled "THE SPICE MUST FLOW" or similar.
Logo will be a P
Users will start with 0 SPICE when it is initially rolled out
Will be produced on market resolution
Spice Can convert into USD
Earned by sharing/referrals
The moment it’s released, all users will have the same amount of it
spice will constrain the types of markets that can be created because of the introduction of 'adjacent' real money
Will exist
Can convert to USD
The Dune novels and films inspired its name.
Converts to mana
Get Ṁ600 play money
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people will call it peepees


Any user has >25,000 spice (anytime) within a week of its release
bought Ṁ100 Any user has >25,000... NO

@Joshua has created a dashboard of prize markets here: Prize Markets | Manifold.

It may not be complete yet, but I don't think any of the ones there will resolve in the next week.

people will call it peepees

enjoy your peepees everyone!

The moment it’s released, all users will have the same amount of it

Do we know that this is true? The manifold stats page says there is "SP50" in balances, could that be in a test account?

bought Ṁ500 The moment it’s rele... YES

@ShadowyZephyr im not being that picky over this - every single person here has 0

@strutheo oh. well I bet no assuming you would be. luckily it's only 12 mana which is nothing now

Earned by sharing/referrals

looks like it's earned by referrals

bought Ṁ250 Answer #e68d18fce1db YES

@shankypanky surely that's gold? (not joking, it doesn't seem brown at all to me, when i looked at the previews, but maybe i'm blind)

@Ziddletwix it's not brown but I assumed this was orange or brown? just like the other I assumed meant purple or pink?

it's definitely orange.

bought Ṁ50 Answer #0076c20ce167 NO

@shankypanky internally they call it gold and i don't feel like gold and orange are the same thing but chris can rule on that I guess

@Ziddletwix jfc. fine I'm selling I'm not up for debating pedantry.

pretty obvious it fits here, though.

bought Ṁ250 Answer #bf382459537a NO

@shankypanky ok i'm fine w/ selling or N/A or losing this one or anything just was surprised because i looked at the logo in advance and never occurred to me it'd be considered orange but totally fine to me wrong on that one

You love to see it!

omg we're arguing over orange lol

its def somewhere between orange and yellow

id count it as orange if we were were limiting our color palette options so it wasnt every color name possible

just NA it i guess

@strutheo stop defaulting to NAing everything lol

creating markets means making decisions 🙃

@strutheo Orange you glad it’s not Obamacare?

that never gets old ig!

@shankypanky i didnt add that one tbf!!

@strutheo it's your market!

@strutheo and that's a deleted account!

@strutheo very clearly orange lmfao

yea if i had to pick YES/NO id pick YES

@shankypanky resolve to asking chatGPT imo

WAIT ill check another monitor to be 100% sure

i didn't trade on that one BUT NOW I WILL bc this is ridiculous

@strutheo jesus christ if we start resolving more markets to gpt I'm done here I stg

sold Ṁ23 Answer #e68d18fce1db NO

here's the logo in its glorious original definition, for resolving purposes

bought Ṁ350 Answer #e68d18fce1db YES

it's so fucking orange this is a level of pedantry I could have never expected lol

gpt-4o would say it's orange, it's so orange

@ShadowyZephyr it's clearly orange I just have a problem with setting precedents to deflect to gpt for market decision-making

can't wait to see who wins the most orange medals at the olympics

bought Ṁ2 The moment it’s rele... NO

@Ziddletwix Gold medals are much lighter than the shading around the "P"...

@Ziddletwix oh are they awarded medals in digital designs now? are they giving out NFTs for placing? cool what a time to be alive


Does that count as orange??? I feel like that's orange

I turned off night shift on my phone thinking I might be missing something but nope, still orange.

@dglid 🧡🧡

(as a ~7 year orange heart enthusiast I too know orange when I see it!)

@ShadowyZephyr sure! regardless I'd accept the consensus above, people seem in agreement (not that it'd matter if i didn't accept it, it's not my question to decide). it was called gold in the code & i'd imagine that's the intent they were going for, but if people think it looks primarily orange that's totally fair, just not the first color that came to mind for me

bought Ṁ10 The moment it’s rele... NO

@Ziddletwix "amber" is a pretty good way to describe it. I could see it as a darker gold, but it's definitely darker than the shade of a regular gold medal. That being said, I am red-green colorblind, so there might be a distinction I'm not seeing.

Yeah, let’s define gold; This seems to be a fair representation for gold: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_(color)?wprov=sfti1#

Honestly if it was gold as most would consider it, it may still be enough to qualify as part of the orange family: “ Gold or golden is a yellowish orange color, or orange-tan color that is a bit like the color of the metal gold”

@shankypanky Come on, that is significantly lighter than the shading of the "P" coin itself. Although this is already darker than a lot of what you get if you look up "gold medal".

were it fashioned out of metal I'm sure they'd use a fake gold. has to be orange and/or yellow in web design tbf and we can all agree it's meant to look like a cold coin.

@ShadowyZephyr lol I think you're taking that screenshot too seriously the option already resolved and we're all mostly in agreement?

@shankypanky yeah I agree it's just funny lol


@dglid your p is looking a bit orange, don't forget to drink some water!

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