What will be the initial share price of Reddit / RDDT on IPO? [RESOLVE TO %]
resolved Mar 21
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Resolves to a percentage if the announced initial price is between 1-100, and resolves to 100 if it is $100 or more

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@strutheo This resolves 34%, right?

@strutheo from memory and the largest tech IPOs in the last few years, when there is this much buzz they usually end up pricing it above the rumoured range.

I think they are expecting good demand based on how the S-1 filing was received, the news about licensing of content to LLM providers, and the expected boost from retail investors.


wow a lot of uncertainty still - not even a prediction based on other ipos? i guess social media is a bit weird

@strutheo personally I think it's not that fun to predict as it is essentially arbitrary

broadcom has ~0.46 billion total shares at 637 billion market cap

walmart has ~8 billion total shares at 471 billion market cap

so there's a 23x difference in share price between those two which breaks down into 1.35x company performance and 17.36x arbitrary decision

@draaglom fair enough! i wasnt sure if there was a way people went about this, i certainly was curious what it will be


bump who wants to go first

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