Will the phrase 'Global Development Initiative' show up during CCP's 20th Party Congress?
resolved Oct 17

Resolved YES if the phrase 'Global Development Initiative' show up during CCP's 20th Party Congress.

GDI was unveiled by Xi Jinping in a speech at the UN General Assembly in September 2021, the Global Development Initiative outlines China’s vision to be a leader in global development efforts. The initiative aims to support developing countries in poverty alleviation, public health, and other issues.

GDI also sparked questions about its impact on the more well-established Belt and Road Initiative. Naturally, the market may think China is mutating 'Belt and Road Initiative' (BRI) toward a new narrative: the Global Development Initiative (GDI).

Given this transition, which comes amid persistent questions about the BRI’s performance. The GDI’s companion, the Global Security Initiative, could also receive top-level endorsement through its inclusion in the party congress work report.

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Here is the official transcript of Xi's 2 hour speech released by News.CN.

The phrase "Global Development Initiative" was used only once by Xi Jinping.

Search use "全球发展倡议" for the phrase "Global Development Initiative" in Chinese.

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