Will a spin-off series of Ted Lasso air on Apple TV+ by Dec 31, 2024?
Dec 31

Resolves to "yes" if a spin-off series starring at least one recurring character from "Ted Lasso" airs at least one episode by Dec 31, 2024.

Cameos or one-off crossover appearances by show characters on new or existing shows do not count. Nor does actors playing similar roles on a new show with similar themes/aesthetic (like Danny Pudi on Mythic Quest after Community, or pretty much any role by Mark Wahlberg).

Edit: it occurs to me that I may not have been precise enough about what counts as a spin-off vs a continuation of the current show. I think the minimum requirements are 1) retitling of the show and 2) Jason Sudeikis is not a regular cast member (though perhaps he makes guest appearances)

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Looks like at least one cast member is teasing an announcement of something.

I think the main mistake I made was the timeline though. If the writers strike keeps going for a few more months, it seems likely writing wouldn’t start until end of 2023, plausibly leading to filming in summer 2024 and a premier in 2025.

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Betting YES, but hesitant because of the strikes. Has anything been announced about such a show?

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@Stralor As of today nothing has been announced. A number of cast members have said they’d be willing to continue their roles, though I think that’s typical. There was a quote from Sudeikis in March that was widely reported as “spin-offs could happen”, but in context his quote reads to me like he was happy that people wanted more, not that he had any plans to do so.

But honestly my biggest prior is that Ted Lasso is the flagship show of Apple TV+, and it seems like Apple would be happy to throw money at new content.

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@Stralor The writers strike is a good point through and could easily delay anything even if there are plans