Will Sinclair show up to work naked?
resolved Oct 16

specifically she has to show up to the regular office and be naked the whole workday (>4 hours) and it has to be a day when other people (>= 4) are there.

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all you horny ppl should be buying NO >.<
if the price is too high then makes more sense for me to slowly liquidate my position instead of getting more YES...

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ok I figured out how to do this.
just show up early, go into the nap room, then take the standup over video, and work from the nap room the whole day.

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if this market gets liquid enough that >10,000 mana to be made, then I'm sure I'll be able to convince my coworkers that nudity is fully innocent, does not meaningfully violate the workplace anti harassment policy, and does not require an additional 4 hours of sensitivity training

@Sinclair Is this some kind of bizarre “pay 10,000 mana to see Sinclair naked” market????

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@Sinclair check market

but how will you tell if it's really me?