Will I work more than 24 hours in the last week of February? (4.3. -> 10.3.)
resolved Mar 9

In this market, I'm setting myself work goals. I have pretty bad, but medicated, ADHD.

Background Information

Last week, I failed: Only hit 16/24 hours, but I was really successful. I had confidence issues because of that. In the last 4 weeks, I managed to work about 50 hours.

This week, there's a lot of creative work and important deadlines I have to hit.

I will try to post updates about how many hours were worked and what distractions there were to provide more datapoints.

How this market will resolve

I only bet YES on this market to set a challenge for myself. Once it resolves, to make it even more clear, I will provide a screenshot of an app I use to track my work time with.

It will resolve NO if I do not hit the target. Even 23/24 would resolve NO, there will not be a percentage resolved.

You may ask questions as you please, I just cannot disclose what I'm working on in a lot of cases due to NDA.

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No market for the next 2 weeks because I have surgery

Disclaimer: I have put a lot of my own Mana into this market on "Yes" to set a goal on myself. I will not pull out (see this previous market that resolved as NO as well as this other one) because I want there to be some form of punishment for failing.

Do not participate in this market if you don't like the idea of me betting on my own success.