Will Robinhood Gold cost more than $5/month before 2026?

Robinhood recently introduced a new credit card offering 3% cashback on all purchases without any limits. The card requires a subscription to Robinhood Gold, which is currently priced at $5 per month. This pricing structure allows users to effectively offset the subscription cost through their spending, resulting in a net cashback rate. For example, with a monthly expenditure of $2,000, the effective cashback rate would be (2,000 * 0.03 - 5) / 2,000 = 2.75%.

Resolution Criteria

This question will resolve as YES if, at any point before the end of 2025, the monthly cost of Robinhood Gold increases above $5. This assessment will be based on the standard monthly subscription cost as officially announced by Robinhood, excluding any temporary promotions, discounts, or free trial periods.

The resolution will be determined by public announcements or official pricing updates from Robinhood. If no increase above $5 in the monthly cost of Robinhood Gold is announced or implemented before the end of 2025, the question will resolve as NO.

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