Price of a RTX 3090 falls below $300 during 2025

At the time of writing (July 2024) you can buy a used RTX 3090 on eBay for around $700-800. This market resolves YES if at any point during 2025 an RTX 3090 goes for sale or is sold on eBay for less than $300 (shipping cost included). The seller must have at least 10 items sold and at least 95% positive feedback.

Errors made by the seller, like dropping a digit in the price by accident, don't count. The unit has to be sold "in working order", without needing any special attention or modification beyond what a newly produced unit would.

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One transaction < $300 does not mean that "the price" has fallen below $300. Stuff occasionally sells on eBay below market price all the time, for a variety of reasons. Eg: "My dog peed on this, but it still seems to work", "From a chain-smokers' house. Reeks, but works", "Fans damaged; will need new fans and then would probably work", simple typos like dropping a digit from $900 & accidentally selling at $90, non-expert sellers being confused about what they're selling, etc.

Do you have any suggestions? I'll add a note that seller errors and incomplete/missing parts don't count.

Maybe this framing is better: /singer/someone-comments-they-bought-an-rtx