Will Lex Fridman interview Volodymyr Zelenskyy in 2024?

Lex has been vocal for a long time now about his desire to interview Zelenskyy and Putin. Today, after the official news that Tucker Carlson has interviewed Putin, Lex tweeted:

There's already a similarly formatted Lex/Putin market:

Resolves yes only if the interview is published in 2024 (interviews confirmed or rumoured to take place but not yet released before 2024 ends will not count).

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I don't see how being interviewed by some Youtuber would help Zelenskyy to get Putin to stop invading his country.

@TiredCliche I'm not even sure how to respond to this. the question isn't "will Lex interview Zelensky and stop the war?" this is just a comparable market for the Putin ones and for some time now Lex has said he wants to interview both. he was in Israel and Palestine last year and had a few episodes from his time there, and the year before he was in Russia/Ukraine but didn't have content from then.

@shankypanky In the tweet you posted Fridman seems to imply that interviewing Zelenskyy would help stop the war. I consider that fantastically stupid.

@TiredCliche yeah I don't read it that way. he definitely has strong opinions and naivety that talking things through would fix a lot of the trouble of the world (not something I disagree with generally speaking) but I don't think at all, maybe because I'm familiar with his tweets/content, that he's implying that if he got these two on his pod they'd be singing kumbaya in no time.

@TiredCliche anyway I'm also not trying to sway your opinion on him obviously. there is plenty of great content (and people!) in the world, no need to like it all.

@shankypanky I mean, I do disagree with that. The "let's talk things through" mindset is wildly naïve, the two leaders in question have diametrically opposed goals. Putin would genuinely benefit from annexing Ukraine, Zelenskyy would genuinely benefit from preventing Putin from doing that. There are many issues that could benefit from constructive discussion, but this isn't one of them. So there's no point to Zelenskyy going on this guy's podcast.

@TiredCliche I said generally speaking? I'm not applying it to this. I'm also reiterating that while I'm sure he wants to talk about the war and Zelensky's perspective and might even have naive hope that it would be beneficial I doubt he's calling him and saying "come on my pod and the war will end"?

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