Will I receive further Ketamine IV infusions in 2023?
resolved Dec 13
Yes - 1 infusion
Yes - 2 infusions

For the last three weeks, I have been receiving Ketamine treatments. Today is my final treatment in the initial "package" of pre-booked treatments. I booked two more infusions (placeholders, not paid for) in 2023 - one in late Nov and one in late Dec - before I began treatment. Will I receive those infusions? More context:

  • the clinic has performed more than 27,000 IV infusions, and their recommendation from both studies and their own experience is six sessions in a three-week span, which I booked

  • today is my sixth infusion

  • I needed to pre-pay for the first six infusions, and they suggested booking two more with a few weeks between them to reserve the space

  • as with any healing modality, Ketamine treatment is not transactional - meaning there is obviously no guarantee that x treatments will provide y result - but they've seen 80% success for their patients

  • "success" means a shift in symptoms of depression and PTSD, with a measureable difference in life experience; it does not mean patients never need another treatment and people typically get "maintenance" infusions a couple of times a year

  • I've never had any experience with Ketamine prior, but I am trained as a psychedelic integration coach and have had extensive experience with various plant medicine work

  • I've felt a little lighter in recent days, though I've had to keep working throughout this process and have found keeping up with my obligations in and outside of work to be distracting and destabilising a bit

  • after today, the next appointments are 29/11 and 27/12

    This market is for whether I go forward with one, both, or neither infusions outside of the standard recommended protocol. I will not bet.

    Happy to answer any questions about this market or about Ketamine treatment.

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How much ketamine, dosage, is it dripfed? Xmg every Y minutes, one big dose?

Do you stay under the level of unconsciousness/khole, or do you go into unconsciousness/k-hole and in either case, is that where they keep you, and for how long, or do they change gears.

I found it useful to introspect on relatively low doses, in meditative environment (silence, dark), but I hear these sessions are heavy, so is it psychedelic or more anesthetic

resolved early as I've decided to cancel the December infusion and to get out of town for a while.

I had one further infusion in November ✨

update: I had a follow up call with a nurse at the clinic, as is procedure. she wanted to talk about my experience since the initial set of infusions, and my integration, etc. I've referred a friend to begin treatment which provides me with a small credit. the nurse also told me about an alternative option for the infusion, which brings the price down. I've moved the first follow up to this Friday and barring any dramatic and unforeseen circumstance, I'll be receiving a follow up.

I had one infusion yesterday so the market now resolves between 1 and 2 by the end of the year. 🧡

I completed my set of six treatments about 10 days ago. Tomorrow, I have my follow-up call with a nurse (or someone?) at the clinic to discuss how things have gone since. I received some forms today to fill out, and they were the same benchmark questions I filled each time I arrived for treatment - mostly questions about have you felt xyz since your last treatment, and select to what degree. I realise that I'm rating a lot of things lower but some things are kind of showing up a bit. I'll see what she has to say.
Also relevant: I referred a friend to the clinic and received a discount on my next booking, which would bring the next infusion down in cost. It doesn't have an expiry.

have you seen any results so far?

@ElizabethVanNostrand I think so! I've just had my sixth and final (in the recommended first "package") treatment. I've admittedly both kept my commitments to work and study when I could have pulled back, and I've not done well at resisting distractions to give ample space for integration. That said, I was in a pretty lengthy low point and this past week I've felt lighter and had people who know me say that I look/seem lighter and brighter upon seeing me even before we spoke.

Ketamine is shown to rewire the brain (regenerate synaptic connections that disconnected in lengthy bouts of depression/PTSD) but these things can take time to take hold and it's also a shift in the habits formed over long periods of time. Yet, I have a feeling on a bio level it's doing it's work in the background.

@shankypanky can longer term small doses work the same, are these big dose sessions just convenient, because it works faster with bigger doses?

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