Will the winner of the Musk vs Zuckerberg fight receive some prize at the expense of the loser?
Dec 31

If the fight doesn't happen by the close, resolves as N/A.

Resolves as YES if the loser of the fight will have to give something of value to the winner, or do something that benefits the winner.


  • The loser gives money to the winner.

  • Zuckerberg gets to use the "Twitter" name for Threads, or has to shut down Threads (If Musk wins).

  • The loser will have to participate in some event that promotes or advertises the winner's product.

Any kind of donation to charities does not count if the donation goes directly from the loser to a charity (not through the winner who decides on their own to make the donation).

The prize must be agreed upon before the fight: participants must know that they are fighting for the prize.

If it's not revealed within 30 days after the fight or earlier that there was a prize, resolves as NO.

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Charitable donations count?

@DanMan314 No, because in this case winner won't be the receiver

predicts YES

What if it's a donation to a charity of the winner's choice?

@Joshua Hm, not sure. This sounds close to "do something that benefits the winner". But it's a bit of a stretch.

Because I have to draw a line somewhere I will say no and add this to description. Thank you for raising this early!

Seems fair, and I expect they wouldn't want to do a "charity against charity" narrative anyways.