Will Destiny and Vegan Gains have the same Veganism debate by the end of the year?
resolved Jan 1

This poll resolves YES if Vegan Gains comes on stream and at some point during the stream goes through the same "name the trait" line of questioning with Destiny.

If Vegan Gains does not come on stream, comes on stream but does not debate veganism, or debates veganism but follows a different line of argumentation, this poll resolves NO.

Destiny does not need to call VeganGains out on using the same argument again for this poll to resolve YES, it is only important that the line of argumentation is used by Vegan Gains.

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📢Resolved to NO

See Comments Of It Not Happening.

Resolves no if no one objects.

@Joshua The closest thing I found by some googling is this video from 5 months ago. It's mostly an abortion debate, but the description calls it a vegan debate and Vegan Gains does argue using "name the trait" when they talk about what separates a dog from a 100 days old fetus. But I wouldn't call it a Veganism debate, so still NO.

Vegan Gains also went through the argument on a recent Kick or Keep, but Destiny is only there as a moderator so he wasn't part of the debate, so still NO.

@Pazzaz That is all I found also.