Will "DNS" be implicated in the March 5th Meta outage?
resolved Apr 5

Outage ongoing: https://metastatus.com/

Edit: looks like things are mostly back up, but no post-mortem yet.

The market will be resolved once Meta publishes some form of detailed post-mortem analysis. The market resolves to YES if the cause of failure is strongly related to DNS (DNS failure, misconfiguration, etc.)

If it's contentious or ambiguous I'll hold a poll, but otherwise I'll resolve it at my discretion. If there is no post-mortem published within 30 days, the market will resolve N/A (or may be extended at my discretion).

I won't bet in this market.

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Looks like I'll be N/Aing this one, unless there's news I missed?

@retr0id Nothing official I can see. Though there is evidence it was a ‘login issue’


No further news on this afaict

So far they've described it only as "a technical issue", afaict

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