Will @Austin and I see each other in heaven?

This will be resolved in heaven or not at all, because according to Austin heaven will definitely have Manifold Markets.

Heaven here is a utopia where all the (good) people who have ever lived will go. Being e.g. uploaded into a digital utopia counts, so long as the upload includes reviving all heaven-elligible people from the past.

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How does it resolve if you meet in digital utopia, but non "good" people are also there along with all the "good" people?

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@Celene Austin says that's heaven, which I'm fine with

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Yeah if someone somehow gets the ability to accurately recreate every dead human in history, might as well do the bad ones as well as the virtuous ones.

Seems impossible to me, though.

How does it resolve if you meet in digital utopia, but without revived Jesus and the like there?

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@AntonMakiievskyi it'll resolve no. This is basically the crux of my disagreement with Austin. I think what you suggest is pretty possible, but an important component of heaven is that it has been promised historical people as a reward for being good and I don't think that version of heaven will be realized.

Would this Heaven count?

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@marktweise Nope haha