Who will win the Manifest Merch Design Contest?
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No winner / Manifest in-house design
@sanyero & aino

(reposting this because accidentally made the other one not linked)

Manifest is running a design contest for our merch this year!

Enter your designs here; submissions close Friday, April 19th.

Winner gets:

  • A free ticket to Manifest 2024

  • M50k, i.e. $500 worth of Manifold’s play money

  • Access to the VIP dinner at Manifest with guests of honor and the Manifold team

  • Design credit (somewhere, TBD)

The Manifest team refers to me, @Austin, and @saulmunn. Any designs submitted by us, including those created by other contractors that we pay in advance, count as Manifest in-house designs (this is a last resort if we don't like the designs that are submitted, not something we plan to do). Manifold team members, however, can submit designs and not be counted as "in-house".

I'll post designs here as they come in. If you're adding yourself to the market, please format it as @[your username] and then post some images of your designs in the comments.

I will not bet on this market, and request that the rest of the Manifest team doesn't either, so we don't get attached to certain designs winning before they've all been submitted.

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We've decided to go with Case's market graphs design as the main t-shirt! We're also going to use some of the other designs submitted for staff/volunteer shirts, VIP sweatshirts, and stickers. Thanks so much to everyone who submitted designs: you seriously exceeded our expectations, and the merch this year will be soooo much cooler than last year thanks to your hard work :)


Help us pick a winner by filling out this form!

There ended up being a lot of good designs (yay!) which means picking a winner is hard. We, the Manifest team, don't want to do this based solely on our tastes because (1) we all disagree and (2) our taste hardly matters; yours does!

So express your preferences and raise the probability that they are satisfied. We will not necessarily just choose the winner of the vote to be the winner of the contest, but votes will be an extremely important consideration.

Here's some Mana-chan themed designs for you all <3 By aino.me and me (mostly Aino).

sold Ṁ17 @nikki YES

we need more fun!

@nikki I was thinking of a tshirt of all the prop bets that had little boxes to either mark with a check mark or X with a sharpie as they happened.

@nikki dw i’ve been spamming rachel with meme ideas, i’ll try to sneak one in

@nikki that one might be best tho

bought Ṁ10 @etirabys YES

Clarifying question: What if two different people's designs are so brilliant you can't not use them both?

@dreev from the FAQ in the notion: "If there are multiple awesome submissions, we may use some designs for “secondary” merch (i.e. hats or lanyards), and we may award those designers a smaller prize. Any designs that we use will definitely be rewarded."

We're also thinking of doing a special t-shirt for VIPs/sponsors, and so we could use one design for that and another as the main t-shirt.

@rachel As for the market resolution, the one that we choose as the primary attendee t-shirt will win, and we will most definitely only use one for that

bought Ṁ10 @case YES

These are sick, good work.


check out case's designs

"Unknown Markets" shows some of the most popular market graphs with titles and creators on the back.

@case There is an optional 1-sided version if required

@case 🤩 absolutely love it! What a fun design.

@case i like it. it looks like i have the most fucked up six pack of all time.

@case DAMN that is a nice design

@case Ew. Parody designs are lame.

@case This hoodie is fantastic! I would absolutely wear this, it's so clean

@case WOAH this is really good too

bought Ṁ100 @case YES

@case this is great!

I don't have anything finalized right now, so instead of posting a particular design here, I'll post a link to a tumblr page that'll get updated whenever I have a new favorite contender(s): https://refgal.tumblr.com/post/747336154281590784

@etirabys I love the current highest one with the origami birds :) I had a similar idea but you executed much better than I have the knowledge to do. I would absolutely wear this!

@etirabys No longer updating that page (since I've submitted my final designs) so putting the images in line here: