Will there be another well-recognized letter/statement on AI risk by June 30, 2023?
resolved May 30

Resolves YES if there is a similar letter as the Pause Letter released by the Future of Life Institute by end of June 2023. Resolves NO otherwise.

We'll call it well-recognized if it gets signed by at least 10 big public figureheads in AI, and at least one Turing award winner. It may address any sorts of risks from powerful AI.

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Curious if @firstuserhere has inside knowledge since they're sitting on pretty much the entire YES position right now.

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@Weepinbell no i don't really. I'm just betting yes to see some market dynamics personally and have the mana to do it

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@firstuserhere and same for other timelines for this market. No insider info, i allocated 10k mana to myself to understand market dynamics better and this seemed like a good opportunity, I'm just observing quietly