📱 What will be included in iOS 18?
A new AI feature only available on iPhone 16 models
A new AI feature will be integrated into the dynamic island.
Cross-platform read receipts in the Messages app
A new pre-installed app
Infill or magic erase feature in photos
A more customizable home screen
Math integration in the Notes app
A text-to-text chatbot


All choices are about new features and will not resolve based only on previously released features.

Feel free to add your own, just please try to make them specific and objective.


iOS 18 will be the next major release of the iPhone's operating system. It should be announced at WWDC around June, available in via beta this summer, and available publicly this fall. iOS 18 has already been rumored to be a "ambitious and compelling" and "the biggest software update in iPhone history"

Here is a roundup of its rumored features: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/ios-18/

WWDC 2024 dashboard

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OS level AI support (xxKit for accessing ANE, built-in LLM/image-gen)
bought Ṁ1,000 OS level AI support ... NO

@VishalDoshi I think this resolves no. Apple announced in the developer state of the union there is no direct access to any llm or generative ai APIs. Your only option is to enable it for a text field, or show a “image generator” sheet to the user. Which then shows apples native text and image generators popups, but you as developer have no access yourself to LLM via API, can only be run from the user.


Hearing Aid Mode for AirPods
bought Ṁ100 Hearing Aid Mode for... NO

@probajoelistic I think this resolves no. they released a few new features for AirPods but nothing related to hearing aid mode


It will drop support for one of the hardwares that’s supported in iOS 17
bought Ṁ1,500 It will drop support... NO

@esusatyo Resolves no, both iOS 17 and 18 support iPhone XR, XS, SE 2 and above

A new pre-installed app
bought Ṁ2,500 A new pre-installed app YES

Resolves yes

@eclair4151 Nice, thanks!

Cross-platform read receipts in the Messages app
bought Ṁ94 Cross-platform read ... YES

This should resolve YES.


Support for RCS messaging

RCS (Rich Communication Services) messages bring richer media and delivery and read receipts for those who don’t use iMessage.

@MaxMusing Thank you

It will drop support for one of the hardwares that’s supported in iOS 17
bought Ṁ500 It will drop support... NO

Hardware compatibility is unchanged, this should resolve NO.



A new AI feature only available on iPhone 16 models

This will probably have to wait for the iPhone release event to resolve

Round app icons and/or translucent menus (like in VisionOS)
Cross-platform read receipts in the Messages app
bought Ṁ20 Cross-platform read ... NO

Is this a feature of RCS?

@esusatyo Yeah, I think so. If Apple somehow allows for RCS, but doesn't show read receipts for green bubbles, this would resolve no, though.


RCS brings many iMessage-style features to cross-platform messaging between iPhone and Android devices. This includes things like read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality images and videos, and more.

Doesn't “a text to text chatbot“ also apply to iOS 17?

A text-to-text Siri is included in the current iOS version. It is also clearly a chatbot by the common definition of the term.

Should this automatically resolve to YES then if iOS keeps the same functionality?


@JonathanMannhart If you mean this to track a LLM based chatbot feature as you seem to indicate in the comments, I would suggest making a new option that includes “LLM-based chatbot“ / “generative AI chatbot“ or clearer wording? Although Siri is plausibly generative in some ways, so LLM-based would probably be best. (Also fair to have all this in the description of course.)

As it's currently phrased I think it would be incorrect if it would resolve as “NO“ in case the current text-to-text feature is still included in iOS 18.

@JonathanMannhart I understand what you’re saying, and I didn’t think about the text to Siri feature when creating this, but I don’t think this choice is unclear. This market is about new features. I’ll update the description to make that explicit. I’m pretty confident no one considers Siri a chatbot as it currently is especially given that enabling text input requires manually updating accessibility settings.

I would suggest making a new option that includes “LLM-based chatbot“ / “generative AI chatbot“ or clearer wording?

@JonathanMannhart thinking more about this, I think this is a good point. I'm also worried about the current option being ambiguous if Apple doesn't release their own but uses Gemini or something.

@probajoelistic Can you resolve the current option N/A then and create a new one? It was ambiguous, I'd argue.

@JonathanMannhart I understand of course what your intent was, I think that's fair!

But the market asked “what will be included in iOS 18“, so I think I made a fair bet. It's objectively true that this feature will be included in iOS 18 if they don't remove it.

I don't think manually enabling a feature is a good argument for why it should resolve NO. There are many features that might need to be manually enabled, but they’re still features included in the OS!

(Hearing aid mode for AirPods for example. That would very likely be in accessibility settings.)

I'm completely fine with N/A! :) just afraid of it resolving NO when the resolution criteria was, imo, unclear.

A text-to-text chatbot

Using the inverse of this to help track a "Possible" rumor from AppleInsider on the  Apple Insider Rumor Scores dashboard

Round app icons and/or translucent menus (like in VisionOS)

"On the more unlikely side, there were claims that Apple was making iOS 18 look more like visionOS" - AppleInsider


"iOS 18 Rumored to Feature 'More Customizable' Home Screen"


Hearing Aid Mode for AirPods

This is a recent rumor from Mark Gurman which is usually safe at about 85%, but this seems strange with no new hardware:

iOS 18 to include new ‘hearing aid mode’ for AirPods Pro

Resolution of YES doesn't require that they use the term "hearing aid," but does require AirPods get a new features that is marketed as being able to assist with hearing loss.

Updated the phrasing to make things less wordy. Shouldn't effect the resolution of anything.

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"📱 What will be true about iOS 18?"

"It will include a new pre-installed app"


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"📱 What will be included in iOS 18?"

"A new pre-installed app"

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