Creating a Community of Good Markets

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The Void
  • Characteristics of a Good Market

    • Specific Question

    • Verifiable Resolution

    • Relevant Timescale

  • Example:

    • Specific Question: "Will democrats have a majority in the senate after the midterms?".

    • Verifiable Resolution: after the midterms are counted anyone will be able to look up the composition of the Senate and can verify if the market was resolved correctly.

    • Relevant Timescale: the midterms have a clear cut off on November 8th. If there is not a clear cut off, one should be picked that is close enough for people to watch for but not long enough that they forget about it.

      • Ex: "Will the Mr.Girl bridge stand on January 31st" is good because it sets a clear day and is relatively soon.


'' tags should be for questions or speculation related to the community.

' Stocks' tags should be for markets related to "X orbiter stocks"

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For multiple choice, I think it's also important that the bet CLOSE before the event CLOSES. The algorithm is different between multiple choice and the yes-no bets. Yes-no pays out at 1$ per share regardless, which operates more like a stock market, even if it's bounded. Multiple choice is complicated, but long story short people flooding the correct choice near the end of the poll ends up screwing the odds for everyone else.