Creating a Community of Good Markets

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The Void

  • Characteristics of a Good Market

    • Specific Question

    • Verifiable Resolution

    • Relevant Timescale

  • Example:

    • Specific Question: "Will democrats have a majority in the senate after the midterms?".

    • Verifiable Resolution: after the midterms are counted anyone will be able to look up the composition of the Senate and can verify if the market was resolved correctly.

    • Relevant Timescale: the midterms have a clear cut off on November 8th. If there is not a clear cut off, one should be picked that is close enough for people to watch for but not long enough that they forget about it.

      • Ex: "Will the Mr.Girl bridge stand on January 31st" is good because it sets a clear day and is relatively soon.


'' tags should be for questions or speculation related to the community.

' Stocks' tags should be for markets related to "X orbiter stocks"

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Not sure how to link this to the market...

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@Voidian yeah our posts discoverability are a bit pepega rn lol.

Something that is being worked on, I think if you create it from the group about page it will appear (if it isn't bugged, it was earlier).

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@DavidChee I'll give that a shot!

Is there a way to delete this post after that so I don't have duplicates?