Will the Rabbit R1 ship on time?
resolved Apr 15

The first batch of Rabbit R1s is set to ship by “Easter 2024” (March 31st). — Will this actually happen?

This market will resolve to YES if there’s not a majority of the initial 10.000 buyers still waiting for their device by April 15th 2024, leaving two weeks for delivery. News from reputable sources as well as a Youtube videos (unboxing, reviews, etc.) from “regular users” (smaller accounts other than big tech channels) will be used to determine whether there’s been a delay.

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https://www.perplexity.ai/podcast I think this market was mentioned in the Perplexity podcast for the 23rd.

@metacontrarian It seems so indeed!

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… still waiting, will reply if something shows up by the ides of April

@billga appreciate it!

@polarblau Here it is April 15 and no Rabbit. No sign of an impending shipment (their email said I’d receive tracking info if it was in transit)

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"on time", but "First orders will begin to arrive around April 24th", which makes me think the resolution criteria of majority arriving by 15th April very unlikely

@retr0id Thanks for the information, seems that way indeed. 24th of April isn’t exactly Easter 😄

The company has a “pickup party” in New York City on April 23.