Will the Rabbit R1 receive favorable reviews from real users once it ships?
May 31

The Rabbit R1 has just sold 10.000 devices in record time which supposedly will be shipped “Easter 2024” (March 31st). The second batch which is now on pre-order is set to ship April - May 2024. Will the buyers of these first two batches leave largely favorable reviews?

A favorable review is defined as “assessment” made publicly (blog post, youtube video, etc.) that is positive or complimentary of the product.

In a 5-star rating system, a "favorable review" typically refers to a rating of 4 or 5 stars. This range suggests that the reviewer is highly satisfied or impressed with the product, service, or experience.

A news article in a reputable outlet summarizing reviews might be used to determine how to resolve the market.




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potential arbitrage opportunity (not quite the same resolution criteria tho) (also sorry, yours was first, I didn't see it)