Will the US federal government declare a public health emergency regarding the H5N1 avian influenza virus in 2024?

It doesn’t appear the federal government is being precautious enough to prevent the next epidemic.



Regarding CDC investigations of avian flu in dairy farms in the states:

CDC does not have the authority to go into a state. We have to have an invite from state public health.

Have any states invited CDC in?

No. Not officially yet.

The President of the US, other federal officials such as the (HHS secretary) (and potentially congress?) have the power to make an emergency declaration that would allow federal health agencies like the CDC to do more now to take more proactive and preventive measures (such as investigations in states without the states’ health officials official consent).

Resolution: Resolves YES immediately if such a declaration with respect to H5N1 is enacted by the US government (not a recommendation, and not a state agency declaration). Can be made by the President, federal health agency, cabinet member, or congress as examples so long as it (roughly) has actual consequences as far as access and deployment of resources. Resolves NO otherwise on January 1, 2025.

Note: I will use my (layperson) judgment if any ambiguity regarding the strain of the virus and the acts enacted in such an event. If there is an epidemic (despite the CDC saying the risk is low presently) this will also likely resolve YES if a declaration is made by the US government (despite it not being done proactively as intended by the motivation of the question).

Examples of resolving YES: the Stafford act is invoked and mentions avian influenza (specifically H5N1), or the PHSA, or similar. The idea is more federal resources and agencies become proactively involved.

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