Will Sam Altman be the new Sam Bankman-Fried? ⁉️
Dec 31

Resolve YES if and only IF Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) go on Forbes cover and subsequently we discover he was involved in a BIG SCAM (as SBF for FTX)

Resolve NO if no relevant negative news comes out about the good old Sam

If you think ChatGPT is not like FTX remember that FTX was considered SUPER LEGIT by many 😂

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Hypothetically, on what date would you resolve this as "No"?

What would the scam be? He’s known for his work in AI, with ChatGPT being his former company’s world class product. It works, we’ve all used it. Unless he’s got hamsters or a cubicle farm in Bangladesh answering the AI prompts people inputs, then I fail to see the false advertisement?

@Micrified It very much possibly illegal activities were conducted behind closed doors, perhaps related to getting the money for all that compute.

6%, I see interest rates are low in Mana land


@Soli Same going on with Elizabet Holmes or SBF was unthinkable back when they were on Forbes cover. You never know wtf is happening in those companies. That said, from what we know now, chances are quite low. Non zero, but low.

Was he on the cover of forbes already?

bought Ṁ100 NO from 8% to 7%

@JacobGoldmanWetzler doesn't look like it

@Marnix Time is not the same as forbes

@DylanSlagh shit, you're right. Person of the year has fried my brain

FTX was considered super legit by newcrypto and people who let greed cloud their judgement. I think Altman would scam if there was a good scam open to him. But I can't think of any. Can you?

How big a scam does this need to be? Like, illegally stealing >$1B bad? Or explicitly lying to investors bad? Or just flopping and wasting investor money?

predicts YES

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