Is Joseph Smith's translation of the Book of Abraham's facsimile 1,2 and 3 from Egyptian to English correct?
resolved Jan 12
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📢Resolved to N/A per CG (resolution criteria is vague).

@nuancedmormon Can you please resolve?

@nuancedmormon As a self-resolving market, I don't think this will do what you want:

predicted NO

I suspect that some users are betting on the resolution of this market, so I've made a metamarket.

@Elspeth I am going to resolve to market price at market closing. It's possible that the Yes betters are just trying to keep the push the price high and profit from that?

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@nuancedmormon I object that this isn't a market about the book of Abraham in any meaningful sense. Furthermore, it seems to me that users will be incentivized to bet up to 50%.

@Elspeth How do you suggest that I improve the market?
I can't just resolve this market to a No even if I think there's plenty of evidence against the truthfulness of the book of Abraham.

If I change the market question to "Do I think _______" then this would be an entirely different market

predicted NO

@nuancedmormon One method that's been used is to resolve according to the creator's conclusion after doing some research.

@Elspeth What if I am a true believing Mormon, and truly believe that I have done a lot of research and reach a conclusion that you disagree? Would you flag me as incorrectly resolved the market?

sold Ṁ229 of NO

@nuancedmormon If the resolution criteria had been specified, then no.

@Elspeth Perhaps specifying to resolving to market price at closing isn't the best format for this question. Too late for me to change the market description now.

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