Will Kevin Spacey appear in a new Netflix TV show or movie before 2025?

Production/casting must commence on or after July 28, 2023. Kevin Spacey must appear on screen with full face in view for greater than 0.5 seconds. Any newly created production is valid. (after July 28, 2023). Documentaries and non fiction count BUT Kevin Spacey must willingly appear on camera (it cannot be of clips used in other media). Basically, Spacey must be aware and willingly appear with footage filmed after July 28,2023 for the sole purpose of the TV show or movie. Spacey can appear in a new TV show or movie that is streamed elsewhere, but it will not count unless streamed on Netflix (in any country in the world).

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No because that would not count as appearing in 2025. It has to be released on or before Dec. 31, 2024.

Would it count as YES if the movie is released after close date but he acted before close date?

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