resolved Nov 30

If Sam Altman returns to OpenAI under any position by the eOY, this market will resolve to a YES.

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@notarealuser would you be willing to unresolve this market until we have confirmation that Sam is back?

All we have heard (afaik) is that there is an agreement "in principle", Sam is not yet back, they are still working on contracts and details and whatnot. This means it's premature to close a market like this.

Note that Sam's latest tweet about this says he is "looking forward to returning to OpenAI", and I expect he would have said something else if he was actually back at the org.

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@james how do i do that? i am new to this website, i have been trying to find a way to do that. all i have come across is this. Undo contract resolution by IanPhilips · Pull Request #1515 · manifoldmarkets/manifold · GitHub

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@james hey, thanks to the moderators, it appears to be unresolved now.

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@notarealuser thanks, I appreciate it!

I sold at 97% just in case haha you never know

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Polymarket trades at 53%, vs 35% on this market: https://polymarket.com/event/sam-back-as-ceo-of-openai

Wild market. Keeps going back and forth like a bad soap opera.

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I don’t think he’ll return if he’s not going to be CEO

Arbitrage opportunity (although not exactly the same): https://manifold.markets/NealShrestha58d3/sam-altman-will-return-to-openai-by

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